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Healthy Soups That Can Be Prepared From Fruits

Tomatoes, Lemon and Tamarind are some fruits that can be available at almost every home. Healthy soups can be easily prepared from these kind of fruits. Even weekly twice drinking of these fruit soups will be helpful to keep good health as they contain essential vitamins and other micro nutrients. Very important thing to keep in mind is that sour, hot, and salt tastes should be in balance when you prepare the soup.

If any one of the tastes exceeds, it'll definitely spoil your health. Whenever the quantity of the fruit increases, the sour taste will increase. When pepper or chilies is added, that should be in correct quantity. The excess salt will also affect your body health.

Method for preparing fruit soup is really very simple. For preparing the tomato soup you just need a medium size tomato or one third of big size tomato. Similarly two tsp full of lemon is  for preparing the lemon soup. Two small pieces of tamarind will be enough for preparing a tumbler full of tamarind soup.

To any one of the above said three fruits, add 350 to 400 ml of water, a little bit amount of cumin and pepper powder, very small piece of garlic. Boil the mixture for one or two minutes then add 1 tsp of cornflour to increase thickness of the soup. After boiling it, add enough salt and then sprinkle a few cut coriander leaves. The above said fruit soups contain all essential nutrients and anino acids required for our good health. One can easily maintain the body health by drinking the fruit soups for twice in a week.

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