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Brain Foods to Improve Memory Power

In fact our brain is very important part of our body. Weighing on average about 1.5 Kg, it consumes at rest 20 to 25 percent of total energy of the body. It is sure that a healthy diet can help for the better performance of your brain. It helps not only to be protective against physical, psychological and neurological diseases, but also increase your mental capacity.

Here in this article you can find a selection of foods that can make particularly positive effects on the function of your brain.

Water and tea

About 80 percent of our brain is made up of water. Therefore, it is not surprising that this same should be consumed in large quantities as it has a high impact on the functioning of the brain. It is recommended to drink  2 to 3 liters of water every day. If you play sports for at least two days in a week, then it could have a positive effect on your brain, Naturally you would have to consume more according to the kind of sports you involve. If you have not drunk enough water or any other liquid food,  it will cause shrinking of dendrites in brain that receive information. This will result in  to a corresponding deterioration of brain function. In addition, drinking many types of tea is also recommended. Green tea, for example, does not only stimulate the circulation of blood inside brain and  but also stimulates your brain activity.


Carbohydrates are the very first nutrient that gives power to your brain. Cereals, legumes and potatoes contain relatively readily available carbohydrates and they are good for head. The increasing absorption of carbohydrates supports the formation of  neurotransmitter 'serotonin' that help put you in a better mood and prevent unnecessary stress . This has also a positive effect on cognitive abilities such as the ability to concentrate.


Almost all cold-water fishes are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, one of the main components of our brain. These fatty acids support the communication between brain cells that leads to a better problem-solving skills and increased memory capacity.

Fresh Fruits 

Many fruits can largely improve the ability of brain work fast. Since most of them are enriched with amino-acids they become naturally important for good health of the brain   Fruits like watermelon, pineapple, orange, kiwi, plum, cherries, grapes and apples will support at most for the essential activities of the brain.  Especially we can get great benefits from fruits like avocados. They have a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which promote blood flow to the brain. . On the other hand blueberries are well known to increase the capacity of thought and the power of your brain.


The saturated fatty acids found in eggs can increase and improve memory. The choline content in egg yolk is also responsible to increase memory power.

Iron Sources

Iron is very important for the brain as it promotes oxygen supply to it.  With the lack of iron there may be impaired concentration and deteriorated memory skills . Good sources of iron are red meat, green vegetables and fruits like bananas, apple and dates.

Nuts are omega-3 providers

Nuts are the alternative omega-3 suppliers. Eat adequate nuts that help brain get energy required to operate at peak performance. Walnuts, for example, will prevent poor concentration and relieve anxiety. Cashew-nuts work as stress-resistant and create positive regulatory effect on the protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Brain Food makes you more concentrated at work!

With proper nutrition, you can increase the performance of your brain significantly. They can make you more focused at your work, get rid of fatigue and be less stressed. In addition, healthy foods have a positive effect on your body. So you can easily make use of them and improve your brain performance.
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