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Are you working in office by sitting for prolonged time?

Desktop Workers
Recent studies have shown that static prolonged  sitting  of people those who involve in desk based office jobs may face many physical and mental health issues. It is said that such people usually spend 75% of their working hours just by engaging in computer or clerical works.

Some of them used to sit for continuously for more than 50% of their working period. This prolonged sitting in office hours can cause many serious health problems including depression, diabetes, heart diseases and hemorrhoids. To avoid health issues that arise due to prolonged sitting, it is advised to walk or stand for at least 2 hours during working hours. It doesn't mean that your standing or walking can affect your works.

At the same time constant standing can also cause some health issues including knee-joint pain, blocking of blood in veins, swelling and pain in affected blood veins.

Researchers have said that persons who involve in factory, teaching, clinical jobs do not have much health issues when comparing with office workers. 
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