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How to Get Rid of Dementia?

Human Brain
Nowadays dementia or memory loss has become common health problem among our people. Researches have shown that main reason for dementia is the lack of blood circulation in brain.
Other reasons for this health problem are Getting old age, diabetes, depression, lack of sleep, imbalanced micro-nutrients, living in a polluted environment and problem in secretion of thyroid gland can be other reasons for dementia.

Dementia and Old Age

Mostly dementia will arise in old age. 10% of The people who have crossed 65 years of age, 25% of 75 years old persons and 50% of ones who have attained 85 years will usually suffer from this problem.Loss of memory or demetnia in old age should not be ignored as it is associated with many practical difficulties in daily life.

Solutions to get rid of Dementia

Lack of vitamins like A, E, B6, B12,C and D should be solved. To get good amounts of these vitamins, it is advisable to add vegetables like carrots, ladyfinger and greens, and fruits like grapes, apple and cherry in our daily food habit. Walking for 30 minutes in evenings can be a natural treatment. Meditation and Yoga will produce nice results. Eating omega 3 fatty acid rich fishes can cure this health problem. 
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