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How to get rid of Sunstroke

Every year after second week of May India used to face severe heatwaves. It's sad that death toll steadily rises each year during that period. It is reported that in May 2015 it self more than 2500 people were killed due to heatwaves prevailed in various parts of the country. Sunstroke is indeed very serious condition in which body loses water content due to sweating and at one stage it becomes unable to retain cold condition. When it was ignored, sometimes it would become fatal.

Let us come to the point, how can we get rid of this dangerous Sunstroke.

There are some useful tips to keep our self from heatwaves

1. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice while you are traveling or wandering during hot days. The best and cheapest and effective option is buttermilk. Frequent drinking that can help keep our body temperature down.

2. During summer wear light clothes rather than thick ones. Dresses made of thick clothes will not be suitable for summer.days Also, you should avoid wearing dresses in dark color since dark colors will naturally absorb heat.

3. Eat easily digestible foods that suits summer days. Prefer watery fruits and vegetarian foods. Also avoid frequent drinking of coffee and tea.

4. Don't forget to cover all parts of body with light cloths when you go outside. It'll be nice to have an umbrella or hat to minimize the exposure to sun.

5. Avoid going outside after 10 AM and before 6 PM during hot summer.  
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