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Natural Ways to Get Good Sleep at Night Times

Nowadays many people won't get good sleep in night times. Normally the people above 40 years old start to get this problem which is called as Insomnia in medical term. Most of the people used to take sleeping doses. Though it seems that they can get good sleep with sleeping tablets, it will be always good to discover natural means of getting deep and healthy sleep during nights.

First of all let us see what are the don'ts to overcome sleeplessness at night times.

Very first thing that plays an important role in night sleep is the food habit. It would be always good to avoid heavy food or meals just before going to bed. Avoid eating variety of food times, non-veg food items, dairy foods like curd, butter and ghee. Flavored food things like ice-creams and chocolates can affect sleep. Hot spicy foods and oily foods will also spoil good sleep. Excessive eating of protein rich foods like soya beans and mutton should be avoided. Smoking, drinking liquor, beverages like coffee, tea or coca will never help you to get good sleep during nights.

Here are some dos to have good night sleep.

Naturally fruits like bananas will largely help to get rid of insomnia. They are enriched with potassium and vitamin B6 which can naturally bring deep sleep. Vitamin B6 will increase the secretion of Melatonin hormone which could be the reason for getting good sleep. Another important ingredient potassium would relax muscles and help to get sleep. Next to bananas cherry fruits would help a lot in bringing good sleep. Eating adequate quantity of fish can assure healthy night sleep as they contain triptone, an amino acid that induces Melatonin.

Very important amino acid required for our good sleep is L-Triptone. Almonds and chicken have good levels of that hormone. When we eat them in controlled amounts, we can sleep well. If you are not a diabetic, you can try mixture of one tbs full of honey and water. You can also try honey and milk.

Milk with oats, dates, bananas can also be responsible for healthy sleep. Herbal teas can also help in this case.

Many people have good experience with oil bath which can naturally induce good sleep. Meditating just before going to bed can be a good reason for deep sleep. Regular habit of walking in your favorite public garden can bring healthy sleep at night times.

Pillow height is another great factor. It is always advisable to use a pillow with moderate heights. Never use pillow having content that does not suit your taste.

Keep the temperature of room that support the possibility of having good sleep. Whenever you feel thatnight lamps disturb your sleep, don't hesitate to switch off them.
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