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Importance of Good Sleep

It's absolutely true that a good sleep is a great gift of nature to humans. Even it can be also considered as a sign of good health. One should never avoid sleeping in time if he really want to keep good happy life. Indeed there are many factors that may spoil healthy sleep like eating heavy food in untime, taking coffee or tea just before going to bed, sleeping after lunch, worries, anxiety, body pain and other health problems.

In this machine life, most of the people mentally and physically  work hard during day time and naturally their brain and body need good rest by means of having good sleep at night times. Whenever, you happen to miss sleep continuously for more than 24 hours, the brain won't work efficiently. You can not also concentrate at your works. If you want to be brisk at day time, you should never miss your good sleep at nights.

It's incredibly true that an Australian bear called Koalas is used to sleep 22 hours a day. Bats sleep for more than 19 hours every day. Blue whales will be always in semi-sleep as when one half part of their brain works and other half part would take rest.

Kids below 2 years of age essentially need 16 hours sleep a day whereas kids  above 3 years and below 12 years need 10 hours sleep. The age groups between 13 and 18  must sleep at least for 9 hours. The people between 19 and 55 years of age require minimum 8 hours sleep in night times. The people above 55 years old need at least 6 hours sleep to keep good health.

If you give heavy work for your brain in day works, then there would be naturally some problems that would arise in brain cells. When we have good sleep, it would be largely helpful to brain to repair itself any problem in the brain cells.

Gardinol is a hormone that secrets naturally when we are in good sleep. That hormone would be required for our brisk activities. When we have lost our sleep, there would be a lack of secretion of that hormone which result into loss of briskness. A good healthy sleep will induce hungry and digestive system. Lack of good sleep may be the reason for psychiatric and  obesity problem.

You should never get addicted for sleeping doses in your routine life. There are indeed many natural ways to have good healthy sleep at night times.
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