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What Is Cough?, Different Types of Cough And Remedies For Cough

Cough is a common health problem that makes you feel uneasy. When you are at a meeting or office work, your continuous cough may disturb the concentration of your colleagues and friends. so, naturally you want to get a quick relief from your cough. Because of continuous cough you may be suffering from throat pain and sore, heart burn and head ache.

Cough is a reflexive action created by our brain to remove any foreign substance in throat and breathing passage. Mucus, food particle, chemicals and irritating things may cause cough when they are to be removed from the breathing passage. Sometimes allergy for a particular substance becomes the main reason for cough problem.

There are different types of coughs: dry cough, wet cough, allergy cough and chronic cough.

Dry cough is not associated with mucus, but with wheezing problem. Mostly this type of cough occur in Asthma cases.

Wet cough is naturally caused to evacuate mucus from throat and respiratory passage. It leads to severe throat pain and heart burn.

Allergy due to home dust, eating food containing poor quality essence, irritating spice odour may cause Allergy cough. This kind of cough can last more than three weeks if you do not have any proper remedy.

Cough can be also classified according to its lasting period of time.

Acute cough usually lasts for at least three weeks and can be cured within that period of time. Subacute cough lasts for more than three weeks but it is cured within 8 weeks. Viral  or bacterial infection may be the reason for this type of cough. Children would  usually become victim of this kind of cough. Chronic cough is a kind of cough that lasts for at least two months. The infection and allergy for particular substance may be the reason for this cough. Chronic type of cough needs proper treatment as it can lead to serious health problem.

Remedies for Cough

In fact we need different remedies for different types of cough. If you are suffering from dry cough associated with asthma, you may need to use inhaler to get rid of it. Wet cough with evacuation of mucus needs taking of antibiotics. You may require anti-allergic cough syrup to come out of an allergy cough.

Generally we have many cough remedies at our home.  Honey is the best natural medicine for cough. Mix one  tsp of honey with 150 ml of hot water and drink it twice daily. 150 ml of mild cumin seed extract can be added with 1 tsp of honey as an effective remedy for cough problem. Cardamom milk is also an effective  home remedy to come out of cough. You can also try lemon juice added with tea to cure cough. 
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