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Health Benefits And Uses Of Lemon Fruits

Lemons are a kind of citrus fruits cultivated in many countries like India, China, Mexico, Brazil, US, Iran, Spain and Italy. They are quite different from other fruits by their sour taste and small size. 

Of course they can not be eaten directly like other fruits and we need to add relatively large quantity of water and required amount of sugar or common salt with the lemon juice to make it worthy for drinking. A half part of  medium size lemon fruit, two and half tsp full of sugar and water are enough to prepare a tumbler full of delicious sweet lemon juice.

Lemons have good amounts of micro-nutrients required for good health. They are good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic acid, and minerals like Calcium, Iron Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium and Zinc. They also provide a small amount of protein, sugar, dietary fiber and carbohydrate.

Vitamin C found in lemons will prevent damage of body cells that might be caused by free radicals during metabolism. With the presence of large amount of vitamin C,  it fights against serious diseases like cancers, brain stroke and heart attack. In addition,  Vitamin C in them works for the good health teeth, gums, skin and avoids getting frequent cold and throat infections. They can also keep away dandruff and pimples on face.

Lemon juice can cure a disease called scurvy, that occurs due to lack of vitamin C in human body. Calcium and Phosphorus in lemons are good for the health of bones and teeth. It's an ideal drink for athletes since it is provided with the good amount of potassium required for muscle building and healthy activities of heart. Dietary fiber found in lemon fruits will help to get rid of constipation problems. Lemon juice can also help to increase appetite and cure heartburn and indigestion.  Lemon juice prepared with perfect ratio of raw lemon juice and water can be also a good remedy for peptic ulcers. It would be so powerful in curing urinary tract infection and body heat. They are ideal to get refreshment during a long bus or train travel. A little quantity of lemon juice mixed with about 200 ml warm water will be great for gargling purpose. A mixture of honey, warm water and lemon juice is proved as a remedy for obesity problem. Severe diarrhea can be overcome just by drinking the mixture of lemon juice, sugar and warm black tea. These are the ones which are the most effective in removing toxic substances from our body. The drinking of lemon juice can cure rheumatoid arthritis.

The Uses of Lemon Fruits

Apart from good health benefits, lemon fruits play an important role in food preparations in countries like India. Lemon rice is the popular food recipe which can be prepared by adding boiled rice, lemon juice, chilies and other ingredients. Lemon pickles could be the most favorite thing for many South Indians. Lemon fruits can be widely used for preparing lemonades and soft drinks. Citric acid in lemon has made it a good cleanser as it can remove stains and greases from glass wares and utensils. Lemon oil is used in aromatherapy to cure body pain and infections
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