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Natural Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that occurs mostly in men.It has been revealed from medical researches that about ten percentage of cancer deaths is due to the prostrate cancer and it lies at fourth rank among killing cancers. In recent years the number of patients affected by prostate cancer has significantly raised to eight percent. In about fifty percent prostate surgeries, the organ is removed since surgeons find no other means to do.

Generally surgeries for prostrate cancer is often followed by some serious complications and side effects. Impotence, chronic pain and urinary infections are some common side effects. after the surgery in prostate cancer. The medicines applied before and after surgery should support fast recovery of patients from this fatal disease.

All the medicines given to the patient by naturopathy and other mild treatments target at conventional methods to reduce side effects at most. The effective natural medicines are also necessary to ensure healthy and peaceful life after a surgery. A natural diet therapy is proved to have positive effects after having surgery and even in an existing prostate cancer.

The researches have found that foods enriched with lycopene are really working good for the patients suffering from prostate. Lycopene works not only for prostate cancer but also for lung and stomach cancers. According to medical researches it is found that Curcumin can also be used as an effective cancer inhibitor. The mild concentrated cumin seed soup mixed with tomato or lemon can give a great relief for persons have serious side effects including urinary problems and lack of energy.

Cumin seed soup is another good means for the prostate complaint. Cumin seeds are nature gift that contains almost all the nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and good levels of minerals like iron, zinc, sodium and manganese. Weekly twice or thrice drinking of cumin soup will certainly help patient to feel energetic and get confidence to struggle against prostate cancer.

Natural therapy includes the intake of some fresh fruits and nuts and since they have good content of vitamin C, amino acids and minerals like selenium and copper they can give a great relax for the prostate cancer patients. Grapes with seeds, cherries, apple and tomato will show favorable results when they are given to prostate patients. Nuts like Cashew, Almond and Walnuts can also be most effective in prostrate treatment when they are eaten in small quantities. 
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